The Fairbite Food Club at St Andrew's is open every Wednesday from 2-4pm and includes our Community Cafe and Social Supermarket. The Food Club is run by

Rev Jeanine and Lucy Bunce with an amazing team of volunteers.

Our Cafe is a place where all can relax, enjoy free refreshments, and feel at home. Whether you need support, a listening ear or simply a friendly atmosphere we are here for you.

The Social Supermarket is a small shop in the corner of St Andrew's. There is no referral to use the Supermarket - you just need to become a member and pay a membership fee every time you shop (you don’t have to come every week). This is £3 (for a small shop) or £5 (for a large shop), and you'll choose around £12-20 worth of items. On top of this we have surplus food from local supermarkets. The membership fee will contribute to the running of the shop and help us keep providing a consistent range of food and household items. 

If you would like to join the wonderful team of volunteers at the Food Hub please email the Church Office.